Telecon EAS systems

Security and control

Telecon has vast experience in the design, development and manufacture of a wide range of electronic systems and equipment for security, geared towards access control and the protection and control of goods in different sectors. A series of equipment wholly adapted to retail needs in different companies which are ground-breaking throughout the world.
We design customised systems to suit your special needs or products with specific protection requirements. Consulte us.

  • Leather garment protection TL-788

    Our most international system. Protection for garments made of leather, hide or which require special protection. System and accessories for configuring customised protection.

  • Electronic security
    in CA-340 lockers

    Digital control centre for opening and closing lockers in which trust and security are priority.

  • Opening and access
    control CA-350

    System which keeps secure and under control entries to restricted areas, warehouses and special protection places.