Smart Metering

Smart measurement

Telecon has developed a latest generation technological platform for automatically reading PRIME electric meter measurements, allowing electrical distribution companies to have available an efficient solution for gathering consumption and integration with billing systems.

The AMI solution (Automatic Measurement Infrastructure) includes the data concentrator and the centralised management software which allows the collection and processing of the data gathered on meters for their display and integration with external systems.


The concentrator is an essential element on the AMI network. It is the element situated between  the meter (Smart Meter) and the monitoring, management and control system. The concentrator communicates with the meters by means of a PLC network with PRIME technology and with the management system via any fixed or wireless communications’ network (GPRS, Ethernet, fiber optic, radio) in view of the fact it has the interfaces required for its integration.

The concentrator is usually located at the transformation centre and it allows, in addition to the management of consumption collection and the measurement of parameters on the CT, the opening of the door to advanced monitoring and automation functions for the distribution network of the electric company.

Centralised monitoring, management and control platform

Telecon has developed a centralised software platform for the monitoring, management and control of PRIME meters and concentrators. The application has been developed with an open, wholly scalable philosophy and with a view to responding to the needs of the electrical distribution company in the following areas:

· Gathering and processing of consumption measurement

· Displaying and generation of reports

· Integration with external billing and management systems

· Incident detection and management on the PRIME network

· Concentrator and meter network management