How much can be saved with EcoHUB?

Cut your energy bill by up to 20%

Thanks to our experience in implementing Ecohub in companies, buildings and public bodies, we estimate that only by correcting any inefficiencies detected by the system can savings be made of up to 20% on the electric bill. However, there may be greater savings as the reports generated by Ecohub may serve as the sound basis for renegotiating the invoice with the supply company or for putting into effect investments in equipment or systems which improve the energy efficiency of the installation even more.

What other advantages does Ecohub have? By allowing control 24x7, 365 days a year in real time, Ecohub is able to receive alerts about incidents requiring immediate intervention. It also makes it possible to document the real expense to compare it with the invoice which the supply company sends and, finally, it allows the managers and parties responsible at the companies, buildings or institutions to carry out the raising of awareness of the saving entailed amongst all company employees.

Where can Ecohub be installed?

In any building, company or public or private facility. Self-evidently, the saving is greater at installations which, by dint of their characteristics, have high energy consumption or buildings with a high occupancy and flow of people such as residences, hospitals and public and private office buildings.